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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Start Here .. Meditation 101

By thesuccess

Sunday mornings.  Yum.

Waking to a blue sky. Perfect.

Meditating in the natural stillness of a house asleep.  Ideal.

Followed up with some time in my favourite chair by the window, soaking up the sunshine, a perfect latte in hand, the weekend magazine in my lap. Ready for a day of leisure.

And the first two pieces of writing that I read - are about meditation!

Yes - meditation is highly valuable for our health with loads of known benefits
Yes - meditation is 'trending' with articles now appearing in popular media with our Sunday coffee
Yes - meditation is being taken up with gusto by celebrity types, everyone appears to be 'doing it'

BUT .. most commonly I then read ... the big disclaimer .. 

As a meditation teacher, speaker and writer this ..


If I had a free day spa voucher that had to be used tomorrow .. I know without a doubt most of you would MAKE TIME.

Following on from this .. I received an email last week from someone questioning how to find the time to meditate and where to start.  And this morning it occurred to me (light bulb moment) as I finished my coffee that for a beginner in this wide open land of meditation ..

Where does one start?

So I have promised myself that I am going to focus on this new task .. to make the journey a little easier .. a little simpler .. a little more fun!

First off .. I have renamed my previous '101' PAGE to - 'START HERE'.  And this week I shall be putting together a sequence of steps that will allow me to share your meditation journey.  I want to share with you a steady footpath of steps .. some tips and hints .. a little insight of the road ahead .. with loads and loads of resources.  So there will be ..

No excuse but to start

As I finished my Sunday reading, the final article include some inspiring words from Michelle Bridges, talking about incorporating exercise into daily life (but valid for any other plans we wish to implement for our health and well-being)..

"Like, for goodness sake: just get on with it.  Stop procrastinating, making excuses, bitching and whingeing.  Just. Freakin'. DO IT"

If you would like to learn how to meditate we have local classes (here) and an online E-Course (here)

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