Quiet Mind Meditation

This is a quiet space .. designed to inspire, nurture and support your meditation practice so that you might find your own quiet mind


All you need for meditation is a little time, a comfortable position and the intention to meditate. 

However there are some resources we have created to help nourish and support your practice.   All items listed here have been designed and produced by Quiet Mind Meditation, or are one of our favourite things!

Purchases are through PayPal (which allows the use of credit card) however if you wish to purchase multiple items we are not yet set up for a Shopping Cart environment .. so please contact Sarah at info@quietmind.com.au and we shall try to help you out.

A visual reminder to others that you are meditation and please - do not disturb! Australian made laser etched, gorgeous blonde/maple 3mm ply.  
Approx. size 20cm x 10cm 

'Intention' Bracelet
As you move through your day .. a gentle whisper to return to the breath and the present moment so that you keep your intention to meditate shining in your thoughts, building mindfulness and awareness.
Black Lava Bead: A protective stone that repels negativity with a grounding quality that comes from being created deep within the earth.  Thai Silver Lotus: Considered a sacred flower in many traditions; representing eternity, new beginnings, fortune and self-awareness.  Hand made tassel - Turquoise or Black $29.95
Turquoise or Black Tassel

Guided Meditation CD
This CD provides an opportunity to explore two longer meditation techniques, and two simple Meditative Exercises. I consider both to be foundation practices .. and a great starting point. 

Meditation Practices: The Body Awareness meditation anchors us in the step by step relaxation process.  The Breath Awareness meditation guides us in observing the flow of our life breath, finding and resting in the brief pause at the very end of the exhalation where all is still and quiet. Meditative Exercises: Brief, simple and immediately beneficial exercises ideal for incorporating into your daily life and also for when you find yourself 'the heat of the moment'.  Can also be used to settle the mind and body before a longer meditation. Guided meditations are professionally mastered in a studio, without music to distract you.  CD is 

31 Day Meditation eCourse
Learn to meditate with a daily email containing instructions, insights, online guidance & motivation.  Start a daily meditation practice at the beach, the office or hammock.  Dates: 1st May 2016 (July, September, November)

Course: $97

Gift Voucher
Individually prepared for any value, service or product.  Valid for a full year and beautifully packaged with a special gift included.

email hello@quietmind.com.au to discuss your requirements


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