Quiet Mind Meditation

This is a quiet space .. designed to inspire, nurture and support your meditation practice so that you might find your own quiet mind


Exploring Meditation is a six week course ideal for those new to meditation or those seeking to reconnect with their practice. Learn the key principles of most meditation practices, the 'how' and 'why', with time to explore a range of different meditation techniques so that you find the best practice for YOU! 


A Taste of Meditation Workshop.  An introduction to the many 'flavours' of meditation.   We shall look at some of the key principles of meditation, experience two relaxing guided meditations and you will leave with a deeper sense of ease and calmness. 
CLICK HERE : 2016 

Meditative Exercises Workshop. Learn some simple and immediate mindfulness practices for everyday life. Learn how to release stress and tension quickly (when needed) with a variety of short, practical exercises based on mindfulness of breath, movement and body.  Exercises Details and Dates - No current dates for 2016
Quiet Mind Meditation with Sarah Fletcher
Our aim is to share our passion for meditation because we believe that meditation is a life skill that everyone should learn.

However we cannot 'sell' you meditation (or even gift it to you .. though we would love to).  Meditation is not a quick fix or something you can make happen.  We believe our role is to share knowledge, research, personal experience and insight, unwavering support and gentle motivation so that you can start your own meditation journey.  Our courses are designed to provide a solid foundation for your own meditation experience.

Meditation is a practice (you have to DO IT!) .. and the many benefits reported in studies and research come from a regular meditation practice!

Terms and Conditions
Cancellation Policy: Registration and payment is required prior to course commencement to guarantee your place and payment in part or full confirms your place on a course and is therefore non-refundable.  We do appreciate that sometimes 'life gets in the way' and should you miss a class we always offer you the opportunity to attend that same missed class in a future course.

Course Cancellation: All courses/workshops will be held when there is a minimum of 5 students, 5 days prior to course/workshop commencement. Should the minimum number not be reached, those registrants will be contacted and their course/workshop re-scheduled to a mutually agreed date or a full refund 100% will be provided of the course fees received.

Private Class Policy: Cancellation is required 48hours prior to avoid a cancellation fee. Private Classes are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Meditation is a practice that requires a commitment to regular home practice in order to understand and develop the skill. Meditation is often sought as a stress relief tool however it is not always possible to attain a calm state of mind in just a matter of minutes or a couple of class .. especially if this is your first time trying the techniques.

Contact Sarah to REGISTER your place or if you have any questions info@quietmind.com.au

Corporate Wellness Programs: We run regular onsite meditation workshops where we share practical and straightforward techniques so that your team can learn to self manage stress, refresh and refocus.  Lunchtime Learning, Corporate Breakouts, Seminar Presentations, Well-being Programs or Team Building event. 

Private Meditation 'Coach': Personal meditation instruction and small group classes (for friends, girls night or family). 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call Sarah to discuss your requirements (0417 403 714) or email sarah@quietmind.com.au


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