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Friday, 24 June 2016

New Website Home

I am super excited to share with you .. my new website!

It is finally here – www.quietmindmeditation.com.au

This has been a complete labour of love.  One that has consumed me and distracted me, nourished and confused me.

But it is here.  Not finished or highly polished as yet .. but a starting point.

I realised it was time to upgrade my website over a year ago. I needed more space and clarity and clean lines.  Like all the exciting projects and ideas that I come up with (often after meditation) there was, at first, a big rush of activity to get started, closely followed by a severe case of overwhelm at all the new technology, then family life and studies became my focus .. but after finishing the meditation retreat in Sedona in February; I came back to this project with renewed 2016 energy!

Huge thanks to my sister who managed all of the uncertainty, mind changes and techie stuff .. and my teen who gave me beautiful images and patience when trying to interpret my vision.

It is no surprise to those who know me, that I enjoy the conceptualising and the dreaming - even the last minute push to the finish line .. but I also need space to process and ponder, allowing time for the path to present itself.  I know to trust that it will.

I shall continue unpacking and moving things around in our new home. There are over 1000+ posts on this old site and it is going to take some time to review and shift good content to the new site.  So ..

Please come visit our new home. Bring a cup of tea. Stay awhile. Read. Pause. Meditate.

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