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Friday, 12 September 2014

Shipping .. Generosity and the Reset Button

I attended the Business Chicks breakfast event in Melbourne this week featuring the amazing and inspiring Seth Godin.

Seth spoke about doing work that matters .. and the ideas of connection, generosity, making art and getting things done (shipping .. transporting ideas into action).

I loved the part about the new generosity economy .. "Tribes of talented individuals who are connected, mutually trustful and supported by one another are in a position to create a movement, to deliver items of value, to move ideas forward faster than any individual ever could".  

And learning .. "the opportunity of our time is to discard what you think you know and instead learn what you need to learn.  Every single day".

And I think he might have been referring to meditation here (that's what I am hearing):

"Are you serious about transformation?  I'm not talking about polishing yourself, improving yourself, making things a bit better. I'm talking about the reset button"

Yes .. meditation is like hitting the reset button.

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