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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Gratitude changes everything ..

Sharing meditation is my heart work.  

From my first meditation experience (as a 17yo) I held a secret yearning to share this amazing life tool with others.  In recent years that desire to share my experience and support others on their meditation journey has been .. consuming!

Finding creative, enticing and nourishing ways to encourage others to sit and find that deep stillness within .. can be so exciting and also so challenging. Some days (like today) when projects are slow to materialize and I am not teaching (and feeling a little discouraged in my mission) .. I am full of gratitude and thanks for the magical message that has arrived from the lovely Denise who recently completed our Quiet Mind Meditation E-Course .. thanks from a swelling heart!
The Quiet Mind Meditation E-Course has been a blessing in hectic times. I always wanted to start meditating but never found the time or the class that suits my needs, with the e-course I had the tools to develop my own practice from the very beginning.
As a beginner I loved the course because it guided me step by step to build a meditation practice that now I can use anytime I need it. And having Sarah’s support to tailor the homeworks to my personal circumstances and answering all my questions was like having my own particular teacher to guide me in this meditation journey.
Incorporating a regular meditation practice in my life has helped me improve my wellbeing and my productivity, now I feel better and more focused. And, any time I start feeling overwhelmed I just close my eyes and practice one of Sarah’s homework to reconnect with my breath and feel more calm and empowered.
If you ever wanted to meditate, but you don’t know where to start and how to build a practice that suits your lifestyle, I encourage you to take this course full of easy yet powerful homework with the steps you need to incorporate meditation in your daily basis. "
Denise Da Costa 

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