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Monday, 15 September 2014

A Meditation Coach?

"Wow - I hummed classical music as I drove back to the office .. working with you is like a mind massage"

This was a wonderful message that I received from a client after her first private meditation class.  

Meeting one-one-one for meditation is ideal for those who find it difficult to get to a class as we can schedule a time that comfortably fits into your day.

We are also happy to include partner, family members or group of best buddies.

Private meditation instruction allows us to look at specific meditation techniques and exercises that might best meet your unique lifestyle (and learning style) and interests, and work on specific challenges or questions

the goal being that we find the best meditation practice for YOU!

Kind of like having a Meditation Coach .. it’s wonderfully organic, it grows with you when you are ready to leap to the next stage, and supports you when you need support.

We usually recommend a 1.5 hour first session (the fee is $125) where we look at some of the key principles of meditation, the how and the why, answer any questions you may have, look at potential techniques that might suit you best, and get started with some practice!  

Our suggestion is then to take a period of three to four weeks to settle into your practice, test it out, identify any challenges and formulate some insight prior to a follow up session (these are $75 and at a pace that suits you).  

We shall provide a copy of our guided meditation CD Find The Stillness to take home to keep your motivated and inspired .. and keep in contact via the telephone and email to answer any questions you might have between meetings.

Tue and Thur Private Meditation : Black Rock
On-site Office Instruction : available by appointment

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