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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Just Start

In meditation, when distracted we gently and kindly return to the next breath .. the next moment and  

start again.

I am currently immersed in exciting times (think scary, challenging, energising) as I begin to work with my extremely talented sister on the redesign of the Quiet Mind website.  TOTALLY WOW.  

Which has led me today .. to wander through the 800+ posts on this site, and revisit some of my meditation journey.  I started this blog when I found my mind was so FULL of my passion for meditation that I needed to put it somewhere. The ideas, the insights and the thoughts.  Didn't want them in my head .. which led to posting them .. and sharing them .. and here we are five years and hundreds of posts later.

And with fresh eyes today .. I can see that the best way to share this knowledge would be to clean it up, give it a logical sequence, and package it into manageable pieces.  So that we have an archive on ..

the art and science of meditation

So (ta da) I would love to introduce to you the


We shall begin shortly .. in the next day or two .. with a couple of posts each week.  Enough to JUST START.

Join me. 

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