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This is a quiet space .. designed to inspire, nurture and support your meditation practice so that you might find your own quiet mind

Monday, 26 May 2014

This week .. let's meditate

Wed. 28th May : 6.30-8.30pm
Black Rock ($30)

An introduction to meditation .. and the perfect place to start.  We shall look at the key principles of most meditation practices, explore a couple of meditation techniques and answer any lingering questions.  

Learn some Meditative Exercises (for immediate stress relief) and relax with a more traditional guided Body and Breath Awareness meditation practice.  

An excellent 'taste' of what meditation is all about with some take home practical techniques to start bringing meditation into your life now!

Research clearly shows that learning to calm ourselves and manage our stress positively influences our inner biochemistry .. improving physical and emotional health, providing more restful sleep, igniting our creativity and intuition, and giving us greater ‘life’ energy as well as increasing our ability to cultivate positive emotions.  

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