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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday Pause May 25

Welcome to the Sunday Pause .. join me as I wander through some of the inspiring, creative and simply funny stuff that I saw online this week!

Let's always remember .. that we are AWESOME .. and a great way to remind yourself is to watch the above video  -- a hilarious, inspirational spoken word video by Sekou Andrews.

Other things that crossed my desk this week included the giggle-worthy (but apparently quite popular) service for those who can't get to a cafe to work -check out Coffitivity

and another productivity tool that I recently found is the Tick Tock Timer described as 'your one stop shop for kicking serious ass' .. just set it and get working

Currently I am redesigning my website .. yes the whole enchillada .. I am having to learn about Wordpress and plug-ins and opt-ins .. and so I am spending quite a bit of time looking at lovely websites for inspiration.  So I was super excited to find this little helper - you simply enter the URL of the website you like and it will get the colours for you (with HEX color codes) .. so love this little tool

And if you run your own business (especially from home .. like I am silly enough to do) then you have probably had some serious discussions with yourself about work productivity!  and just realising this is a common enough situation .. and listening to this great little song 'Get Back to Work Girl' just gave me some of my mojo back!

Heard all the juicy stuff about Danielle La Porte (aka The Desire Map)? well right now is Danielle's once a year Pay What You Can .. this weekend only go HERE (til Sunday midnight)

and I have always been a bit worried about deodorant .. so here is a natural 'quick & easy natural deodorant' recipe .. and I am going to give it a go!

Wishing you a magnificent and relaxing weekend .. 

and please tell me your favourite weekend website in the comments below so we can share the love next week..


  1. I love this weekly post - look forward t it every Sunday - although I usually read it on Tues!! LOL

  2. I love this weekly post - look forward t it every Sunday - although I usually read it on Tues!! LOL

  3. Thanks Beth .. and I love sharing some of my weekly journey (distractions sometimes too) .. I have found there is an element of Mindfulness in the process as well as I pay more attention to where I travel and who I interact with and the focus on what I might be good to share.



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