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Thursday, 22 May 2014

How Mind Changes Genes through Meditation

More research into meditation came my way today .. thank you Facebook Tribe .. a report from the Institute of Science in Society (ISIS) titled "How Mind Changes Genes through Meditation" ..

The mind-body divide has been breached in conventional Western medicine thanks to new research findings in molecular genetics that not only bridges mind and body but also East and West Dr Mae-Wan Ho

"Conventional western science and medicine has long held that one’s mind or psychological state cannot have physical effects on the body; so much so that subjective feelings of being ill are generally dismissed as ‘psychosomatic’ and hence not a real indicator of how physically unwell the body is.

This mind-body divide has truly broken down, as researchers are identifying hundreds and thousands of genes that are affected by our subjective mental states. 

Feeling constantly sad and depressed can genuinely turn on genes that make us physically unwell and prone to viral infections and chronic diseases, just as feeling particularly relaxed and peaceful can turn off those genes and activate others that help us heal and fight infections. 

The emerging field of human social genomics is demonstrating that social conditions, especially our subjective perceptions thereof can radically change our gene expression states [1]. This has opened up new ways of intervention."

You can read the full ISIS article here

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