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Friday, 25 April 2014

Nine Round Breath Exercise

We know there is a very direct relationship between our breath and our level of stress.

When we are stressed or anxious we tend to breathe high in the chest with short rapid inhalations and very little exhalation .. when angry we hold onto our breath. 

We can however turn things around quite dramatically – and positively affect our stress levels - by changing our breathing. 

Simply deepening and lengthening the breath can assist us in rapidly reducing stress and tension anywhere and anytime we choose ~ and when you balance your breath you balance your mind. 

The Nine Round Breath Exercise is wonderful for settling the mind and stabilizing your focus prior to a longer period of meditation practice BUT it is also a great daily life practice when you find your mind excessively manic or overwhelmed. 

This is just one of the Meditative Exercises that I include in our Quiet Mind Meditation E-Course (starting 1st NOVEMBER 2014).

In this guided practice below .. were are going to imagine that we are alternating our breath through one nostril at a time .. strange as it sounds! 

Let me know how you go in the comments below!

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