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Friday, 7 February 2014

On my Joy List .. Meditation of course!

I love it when 'flow' happens ..

I was sitting at my desk earlier today, feeling a little tingle and edginess that comes from needing to write something .. tap into the flow .. make connections ..

And usually on a Friday I will post something on Facebook that I hope will inspire people to appreciate and explore the full potential of their upcoming weekend .. I remember sitting in an office just itching for Friday 5pm to arrive!

This is what I wrote .. and I am thrilled to be receiving notes and messages from the tribe feeling that the message was so timely :) This is what I wrote .. and I am thrilled to hear from some of you about your plans for the weekend.

Have you ever written down a Joy List for your weekend?

A list of 'really really want to do, see, enjoy' for the two days you have off work?

Putting this list together today .. connects me with the upcoming weekend and makes the rest of the work day a little sunnier ..

My Weekend Joy List:

* one morning sleep in (if I feel like it at the time)
* dog. walk. beach.
* coffee and cake with daughter
* vacuum and tidy up (yes I really enjoy the results of this effort so its worth it)
* home pedicure
* water the garden
* take my morning meditation outside this weekend (its going to be hot enough)
* swim.

and you?

Feel free to share in the Comments as I would love to hear from you on this hot, balmy evening (I am currently enjoying an icy pole)

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