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Monday, 11 November 2013

Doorway Meditation

Mindfulness Practice : Doorways 

Mindfulness practices bring meditation into daily life.  By cultivate a clear, stable and non-judgemental focus on what we are doing .. we bring ourselves quietly into the present moment.

One beautifully simple practice that I learnt on a Buddhist retreat many years ago .. was to stop and notice doorways.

Moving from one room to another we were reminded to pause, take a breath and acknowledge the transition about to occur. Needless to say, there were often bodies blocking main doorways, but again, that is another practice right there ~ patience.

By pausing and noticing each time you walk through a doorway - you have an opportunity to bring awareness to the transition between spaces and balance yourself (internally and externally) .. noticing your feet and how well 'planted' you are to the earth ..  reconnecting with your breath for one or two simple breaths .. just pausing for even a second to take one breath with total awareness and mindfulness.

Much of our day is run on 'auto-pilot' and this is often the cause of our persistent feeling that we are disconnected with life.  By slowing down and noticing the moments you have been sleepwalking through .. you start to reconnect with what is actually happening in your world.

Notice the transition.
Step forward.
Engage in the moment.

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