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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Another Meditative Exercise

We just released our new E-Book : Meditative Exercise: simple and effective exercises for everyday life (simply go to our Shop for an instant download ($9.95) and then this weekend I found another great little meditative exercise from a very old post.

Originally from Now & Zen the exercise is called 'Four Corner Breathing' and comes from Lucy Jo Palladine, Phd.D., psychologist and attention expert, and author of "Find Your Focus Zone".

If you find yourself loosing focus during the day, daydreaming too much or just unable to keep your mind attentive to the task at hand .. try this technique to change your mind state.

Four Corner Breathing uses an outer focal point (a four sided object such as a mirror or door frame) with deep, rhythmic breathing.

Four-Corner Breathing

1. Find an object nearby that has four corners ~ a box, mirror, computer monitor, or even a sheet of A4 paper.

2. Start at the upper-left-hand corner and resting your gaze at that point inhale for 4 counts.

3. Turn your gaze to the upper-right-hand corner and hold your breath for 4 counts.

4. Move to the lower-right-hand corner. Exhale for 4 counts.

5. Now shift your attention to the lower-left-hand corner. Tell yourself to relax and smile.

Repeat 3 to 5 times, or as often as you like .. another great little Meditative Exercises to add to your toolbox!

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