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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Meditative Exercises E-Book

Very excited today to have finished my new e-Book

Meditative Exercises
'Simple and effective exercises for everyday life'

What's the aim of the Meditative Exercises E-Book?

Because many of us are walking through our life on auto-pilot, steadfastly refusing to acknowledge the low level of stress that we carry around everyday, and often at a loss with how to self manage our stress better. 

At this stage, starting a regular meditation practice .. just seems hopeless. 

Yet ongoing and unresolved stress will only go to work inside the body, silently causing us to feel out of balance and over the long term impacting our mental and physical health. 

When stressed it is hard to think clearly, harder still to retain information and make balanced decisions, and seemingly impossible to relax. 

The best approach to managing stress is a proactive and ongoing one 

Along with a regular and consistent personal meditation practice I am a big believer in integrating Meditative Exercises into your daily life. These exercises provide short ‘pit stops’ in the day so that your body and mind can release stress and you can return to your day with a greater sense of balance and focus. 

Meditative Exercises are: 
*brief, simple and practical exercises based on key elements found in longer, more traditional meditation practices 
*empower us to release stress - when we need to, throughout the day 
*take only a few minutes but with an impact that can be immediate and powerful
*provide a great starting point for a longer meditation practice
*act as a circuit-breaker to ineffective breathing

This is meditation in the heat of the moment! 

What’s in the E-Book: 
We have shared some of our most popular Meditative Exercise; those that have been tried and tested by hundreds of students with a focus on Mindfulness of the body and breath.

The E-book contains instructions for five Body Awareness Exercises and six Breath Awareness Exercises with some guidance on when and how to incorporate them into your day .. while waiting for the train, watching a footy game, before a meeting or while lazing on the beach. 

everyday .. everyday .. everyday 

The book encourages you to select one exercise each week and focus on JUST that exercise. Test it. Chew on it.  See how it feels.

In time you will find that some exercises fit you better and these can become your own personal life tools .. meditative exercises that you have at the ready whenever you need or want to relax and release stress, and to bring you comfortably back into the present moment. 

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