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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Full Moon Meditation

Full Moon : Melbourne, November 18 2013 at 2.16am

Humans have always watched the moon and its cycles with fascination; from the impact the moon has on our seasons, our harvests and the tides of the seas .. to how it also reflects the rhythm of human life.

Of particular interest has been the moon’s relationship with water, as the gravitational pull of the Moon can move large bodies of water with ease .. it can also have a powerful affect on the liquid within our bodies. 

From the Roman word for the moon ‘Luna' (from the Goddess Luna) comes Lunatic and Lunacy which draws on the strange effects that a full moon can have on the human body; often blamed for increases in crime and negative mental states, as much as for the stories of increased births, life energy and fertility.

The full moon as considered an auspicious time for increasing positive opportunity and a wonderful time to meditate; aware that whatever is happening in your mind, body and spirit will be amplified at this time.

So, take the opportunity this evening to place yourself in a quieter and calmer state of mind.  Light a few candles and turn off the television.  Spend some time just resting in stillness, reflecting on all the amazing and positive things going on in your life, the people you care about and who care about you.  

Above all take a moment to step outside and sit with the moon for a short time.  Just gazing at the immensity and luminosity of the moon above us, the vastness of the sky and the sparkling of the stars .. and give thanks.

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