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Thursday, 3 October 2013

Private Meditation Instruction

On the threshold of Spring we often begin to notice a quiet awakening within. 
An awareness of intentions and goals we may have set earlier in the year, and which have lain dormant in the darker and colder months, starting to whisper to us again.  The literal and metaphoric ‘seeds’ we planted in months past start to tentatively poke their heads through the warming earth - before bursting into full bloom. 


This new energy can support us in taking the necessary actions to refresh and reinvigorate our meditation practice (before the arrival of Summer – the season of celebrating the fruits of our labour). 

Private meditation 'coaching' is great for those who cannot (or rather not) attend a group class situation .. or perhaps already have received some instruction but need a refresher .. or have a particular interest or challenge.
The beauty of meeting one-on-one is that we can tailor our meeting to meet your specific timeframe and needs.  We work together.  We look at techniques and exercises that tune into your learning style and lifestyle.  You can read more HERE.
Our private meditation sessions are held at our Black Rock centre on a Tuesday or Thursday evenings (or other time by arrangement).

To discuss contact Sarah at sarah@quietmind.com.au

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