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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Sunday Meditation Series

In mantra meditation the object of our focus (or anchor for our attention) is a short word, phrase or sound, repeated over and over. It can be said aloud, or repeated silently in your mind. 
The word Mantra literally translates as ‘something to lean the mind upon’ .. we totally immerse ourself in the rhythm and sound of the mantra, aware of the mantra weaving itself into the rhythm and sensation of our breath .. so that the mantra envelopes us and carries us along.  Soon enough, you will find the mantra starts repeating itself, like a word from a seductive song, without you needing to initiate anything.
The SoHum Meditation is an ancient Hindu mantra, and a wonderful practice to start with if you are new to mantra.  In this practice we silently and mentally note the sound “SO” on the inhalation : and silently and mentally noted the sound "HUM" on the exhalation. 
A Guide to the 'SO HUM' mantra
• Close your eyes, check your posture, take a few deeper breaths
• Try to remain alert and receptive
• Pay attention to your breath for a couple minutes, and then begin to repeat your chosen mantra silently. It usually helps to synchronize the mantra to your natural breathing rhythm or heartbeat.
• As you inhale through the nose (mouths closed) think “soooooo” and as you exhale think “huuummmm”
• Stay with the mantra just gently noticing if your mind starts to space out; if you lose focus then you might note the words more precisely or accentuate the rhythm
• Sit with the mantra for 10-15minutes just noticing how the mantra ebbs and flows with the breath, just noticing how the mind focusses and gets distracted .. continuing to return again and again to the mantra "So - Hum" 
• and when it is time to finish your meditation practice, allow the mantra to slip away and spend a few minutes just sitting in peacefulness before returning to your day.

As you repeat the mantra your breathing slows and becomes more rhythmic, your mind fixes on the sound of the words, and the repetition stills and centers you. When the word repeated has significant, it can also work on your consciousness so that your mind resonates with the meaning, instilling a deep understanding and association with the chosen words.

6-7pm at ihana yoga (Hampton)

Last Sunday we sat in our candle filled room and shared the So Hum mantra.  For the next three Sunday's we shall look at other mantra practices .. so that you might find a practice that 'resonates' with you.

*We had some issues with our online booking for the Sunday Meditation Series (now fixed) and you can now book for our three remaining session for $60 HERE.

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