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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Do you meditate?

You know about me .. I am a meditation instructor and passionate about sharing meditation because I believe it is a life skill that everyone should learn.  You can find out more about me  here and here.
Through my classes and writing and blogging I have had an opportunity to hear from many different people about their  meditation journey, and often shared in that journey as well.  Totally inspiring and life affirming.  
AND now that our blog community is getting so LARGE and spanning across this big, beautiful globe .. I would love to hear about your meditation journey too!
Do you meditate? 
How often?
Do you have a personal practice .. just one or many?
What inspires your meditation journey?
Favourite book or teacher?
Biggest meditation challenge to date?
How do you keep sitting .. day in and day out?
So .. if you would like to introduce yourself and share your meditation thoughts with us .. we would love to hear from you ..  just go to the COMMENTS field below.
Thanks, Sarah

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