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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Relax Kids .. in time for Christmas

It's clear out day!

I am clearing my shelves (having ordered a wealth of exciting new books for Summer) .. and am letting go of four great Relax Kids meditation and relaxation products.  These are the last one's left on my shelf and not readily available in Australia.  You can read more about the benefits of sharing meditation with children and the Relax Kids program HERE.
Relax Kids is the UK's leading expert in children's relaxation that offer a range of quality resources to help children feel calm and confident. Relax Kids products and unique relaxation system have been used by psychologists, teachers, parents, play therapists, doctors, family therapists, life coaches, counsellors, yoga teachers, child care professionals and behaviour management specialists - and are now used in UK schools, hospitals, children's centres, libraries and homes.

As I only have ONE of each of these items you will need to get in fast - email me sarah@quietmind.com.au or go to Gumtree to purchase online (I have just loaded them up).

Aladdin's Magic Carpet $20
A beautifully illustrated book of 52 fairytales transformed into meditations and relaxations - taking children on magical adventures in their minds.
Children imagine they are Aladdin floating on a magic carpet, Jack climbing the beanstalk, the Little Mermaid swimming in the ocean, or Sleeping Beauty lying in a satin bed. A treat for every bedtime!  Ages 3-9

The Wishing Star $20
A delightful book of 52 visualisations and relaxations for children to relax to whilst developing their creativity and imagination.

An invaluable bedtime and classroom tool designed to engage children while introducing them to relaxation and simple stress-management techniques. The perfect way to end a busy day!   Ages 5+

Relax & Dream DVD $20
A colourful DVD which will bring rest and calm to children at the end of the day.  A great way to introduce children to meditation and relaxation. These calming meditations combined with simple animations will help children discover how fun it can be to be quiet and relax. This colourful video is mesmerising - it massages the senses and calms the mind.   The video features Marneta Viegas (writer and creator of Relax Kids), reading relaxations combined with slow moving animations, special effects and relaxing music. The DVD contains 14 meditations, and is subtitled (optional) throughout. The subtitles can be switched on or off using your DVD player's remote control.  Suitable for ages up to 7. 

Mood Cards (No longer in production) $15
52 cards to help children create a positive mood and state of mind. The cards encourage children to understand and manage their emotions, as well as building emotional literacy and vocabulary. 
Examples include:
•Today I will be wise like a grown up
•Today I will be serene like a swan,
•Today I will work hard like an ant
•Today I will shine like the sun.

The perfect way to start the day on a positive note!  Ages 5+

All great products that have been tested and loved across the world for many years.

*Only ONE of each product - so first in! 


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