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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Meditation Coach & Door Sign

Guided meditation is like having a 'meditation coach' .. someone who can step in and take the lead, sharing pathways, pointing out the highlights and challenges on the journey ..  holding your hand.
Last year I produced a guided meditation CD ~ "Find The Stillness" ~ that has two longer meditation practices and two shorter meditative exercises.  
I believe that meditation is a life tool that everyone should learn.
The CD starts your journey by introducing you to Meditative Exercises: brief, simple and powerful exercises that you can immediately incorporate into your daily life so that you have the power to break vicious stress moments and reconnect with a sense of calmness and ease.  Right in the midst of this great, challenging and chaotic life.
Then when you have an opportunity to pause a little longer, you can expand your meditation practice with the longer Breath Awareness and Body Awareness practices.
The long and short of it.
I wanted to share our new "MEDITATING" door sign .. so if you wish to purchase our "Find The Stillness" CD  then you will get BOTH!  Then we can support your meditation practice in different ways .. by guiding your practice and giving you a sign to shout your intention to the household/workplace ..

CD + Door Hang only $20 (plus $2 postage)

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