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Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Last Sunday we had our first Sunday Meditation Series .. with a focus for the month on
mindfulness of breath & body
A picture perfect Spring afternoon cast a beautiful stream of sunlight into the studio and it just seemed like the perfect way to bookend the weekend, and prepare for the week ahead.
In this course we are exploring Mindfulness "the cultivation of clear, stable and non-judgmental awareness" using our Breath and Body as our focus or anchor.  We are learning to gently hold our focus on our breath and body to allow all to settle and for stillness to unfold. 
With practice we discover that there is a place within that is always calm and peaceful.  That these are natural aspects of the mind that we can strengthen and develop .. so that in time we can remain clear and stable without struggling and our mind and body feel naturally content.
We started our first class with some meditative exercises to reconnect and anchor ourselves to our body.
The one exercise that I always receive great response to is the Rocking Exercise.  In this exercise we are drawing our awareness into the body and experiencing the body floating in space.  We observe 'holding' and 'letting go' within the body and when we stop and still, we find a beautiful point of balance which supports us in sitting a little longer. 
This exercise also helps circulate blood and energy through the pelvis, gently loosening the hips and lower back ... and I believe subconsciously associates with being rocked as a baby .. gently and securely rocked in the arms of love.
Rocking Exercise
1. Settle first into your posture and seat.  There is no rush.
2. Close your eyes.
3. Start by gently rocking your torso from side to side, this movement might be quite slow and short to start but as you rest into the movement you will find a natural rhythm will unfold. 
4. Explore with interest the constantly changing sensations of your body moving in space .. notice flow or holding, tightness or ease. 
5. Allow enough time for a rhythm to establish, a sense of ease with the movement.
6. We then start to shorten the rocking, until it is almost un-noticeable just an internal shifting, touching the edge of movement. 
7. Until we find a natural point of balance.  When it feels 'right' to stop and settle.
8. And here we can be still.
You may then continue with your personal meditation practice, or just rest for a few moments before returning to your day and your next task.
A beautiful and simple meditative exercise that settles the body .. strengthening the mind~body connection and encouraging a healthier flow of energy through the body, and finding that point of balance.
Give it a go .. and let me know how it went.

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