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Friday, 30 August 2013


Have you ever said ..
"One day I am going to learn to meditate?"
Today I have been confirming new start-ups for our Meditation E-Course .. re-reading the Starter Pack and adding a few little extra features.   This is the fun part of my life, enjoying some time to be creative and take myself back to a little 'beginners mind' as I find new pictures and words to share meditation with you all.
There are some people who just can't make it to one of my classes, or don't really enjoy group classes, or want to start their meditation journey right now, right in the thick of their life or while at home on holiday.  This is why I put all my knowledge and 20year meditation practice into an online course.
The Quiet Mind Meditation E-Course run's for 31 days .. and provides you with a daily email with instructions, tips, links, guided meditations, private blog access and general MOTIVATION and SUPPORT to start your very own meditation practice .. all from the comfort of your home, office, holiday destination even the beach!
WE START : 1st September 2013
(Only $62 .. or $2 per day)
Here's some of what we will cover in the E-Course:
• the nuts & bolts of meditation: finding the right posture, preparing a meditation space, committing to sit and more on the 'how' and 'why'
• understanding some of the key principles found in most meditation techniques, some of the key challenges (and antidotes) and misconceptions around meditation, and how to know if you are doing it right
• we explore a range of different meditation practices so that you can find the best practice for you (this is key!), we look at mindfulness of body and breath, mantra/affirmation, meditative exercises and movement practices .. there are online guided practices to listen to also
• learn how to integrate mindfulness and meditation into your daily life (today and forever)
• start implementing some simple, straightforward and immediately beneficial meditative exercises to release stress and rising tension, 'right in the heat of the moment'
• find out what all the fuss is about .. why highly creative and inspirational leaders (and organisations) are learning meditation and why you are now hearing about 'Mindfulness' in the media, education, human resources and health sectors.

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