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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Get it done!

Self-improvement doesn't have to be as sweeping and overwhelming as you might imagine...

The premise of the 'My 15 Minutes' program is that baby steps taken now, and taken consistently, can genuinely transform our lives.

This is a program that I am delighted to fully support.  We ALL have projects that we want to finish/start, and dreams that we want to get happening!  And I am hoping that many of you will have


as one of your goals.

Meditation is an ancient life skill that I believe everyone should learn .. and it doesn't require a dash to a mountain ashram, dietary changes or long, boring hours on the cushion.

Starting a regular meditation practice can begin with an investment of just 1/100th of your day OR


And so .. if you have a few things on the MUST DO list then you should join up for the 90day 'My 15 Minutes' program which starts 2 SEPTEMBER

and you can sign up here:

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