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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Moments of Pure Magic

You don't have to sit to meditate.  This surprises people .. but yoga, tai chi and qi gong are forms of movement meditation and walking is a very traditional meditation practice.

This week in our meditation class we did some movement meditation .. and when you get home from a busy day at the office (lots of left brain cerebral stuff but not much physical movement) then it is important to honour and allow the body to move, stretch, energize, release .. before taking your seat.

We need to ANCHOR the body so we can ANCHOR the mind.
By including some Mindfulness of Body meditation techniques into your day, you can begin to build a greater understanding of your body, noticing where you habitually hold your stress and actively learning to release that stored tension .. so that you feel more grounded and at ease.
I am currently pushing to finish my new E-Book "Meditative Exercises : Moments of Pure Magic" (tentative title here) and happen to be on the Chapter that is all about Mindfulness of Body. 
Hearing a class exclaim how 'magical' it was to feel their chi/prana/life energy come alive, sparkle and flow through their body after our movement practice .. and to then take that aliveness to their meditation practice ..
is MAGIC! 

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