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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Step 1 : The Grace Period

Last week we introduced the Meditation Map which was inspired by those eager meditation beginners who wanted a 'map' to help signpost their journey. 

From my experience with meditation (more than 20 years practice) I find these steps a fairly reliable guide .. not everyone is on the same journey but it can be helpful to understand the general terrain.  

Step 1 : The 'Grace Period'

Ever the modern meditation practitioner, I now have a mobile phone Meditation ‘App’ that allows me to set a chime to start and finish my practice.  

What I particularly love about this App is that it has a 'preparation' chime. When I set the preparation period for 10, 20 or 30 seconds I am allowing myself a little extra time to find my position, adjust my clothing or scratch that sudden itch.  

No rush. 

Plenty of time to ‘get ready’ if you like.

In meditation terms, I refer to this time as the Grace Period.

Grace: to do, honor or credit to
someone or something by one’s presence

In the commercial world the grace period is the period during which a particular rule does not yet apply or only partially applies. 

In meditation you could say that during the Grace Period the rule of 'stillness mind and body' is not yet in force .. no need just yet for complete stillness and no penalties for moving, fidgeting, thinking, scratching, being emotional or feeling bored.  

We allow ourselves time for these distractions to soften and pass.  If we have thoughts fighting for our attention, we might explore them a little longer; if we need to think about a response to that bad driver earlier .. then we do that. 

In the 'Grace Period' there is no time pressure, we are just meandering our way towards the starting point of our meditation.

Just relax.

Arrive when you are ready.
Let go of the need to 'do' .. just 'be'.


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