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Monday, 7 January 2013

How to Make Meditation a Habit

hab·it (noun) : an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has
become almost involuntary

Meditation is a practice .. and the best way to make a consistent, reliable and ‘no-fuss’ practice is to make it a habit.

Like brushing your teeth at night! You don’t have to re-think your commitment, the process or the action itself, over and over again each day .. because you have now made ‘brushing teeth’ a habit. Meditation is much the same.

While we might 'wish' to include meditation into our daily life, in real life we quickly find that while our intentions are good, the difficulty often lies in remembering to do the practice!

So how do we make meditation a habit?

In our Summer Meditation E-Course today we look at ways to establish the meditation habit .. and some suggestions are:

1. Commit to a regular starting time
2. Commit to a set period of practice (20min)
3. Finish well (you should enjoy your practice and finish gently)

We understand how difficult it can be to 'remember' to meditate so we have devised a couple of strategies to help you along the way ..

* Join our FACEBOOK page for daily tips and reminders
* Join our Monday Meditation Musing group so that each Monday morning you will receive a meditation practice, reflection or inspiration to sit and meditate
* Join our Summer Meditation E-Course and get all of our Week One course notes, then a gentle daily email until the end of January 2013
* Keep in touch here on our blog

You might also .. use post-it notes or set alarms into your phone to remind you .. a little sign by your bed to see when you wake .. start to integrate your meditation practice as part of your daily routine (ie. after breakfast = meditate; or before bed = meditate) .. share your meditation practice with a friend each day (after your daily walk, stop on a park bench somewhere and spend a few minutes meditating) .. join a meditation group or class (such as Simply Silence) .. start listening to a guided meditation CD (you could try out Find The Stillness CD) .. any more suggestions? 

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