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Friday, 12 October 2012

A Little Meditation Tip

Meditation and relaxation are both a 'process'.

In meditation we relax the body, calm the mind and engage the senses .. shifting from ‘thinking' brain to 'sensing' brain.

In Listening Meditation we learn to listen with awareness to the sounds around us, allowing the sounds to flow unobstructed and not get drawn into analysis, judgment or preference.  In this way we shift from thinking to sensing .. and relaxation will follow.

~ Start by settling into a comfortable position and enjoying this chance to PAUSE and BREATHE
~ Naturally you will begin to HEAR all the sounds around you
~ Notice .. sounds near and far ~ Notice how some noises arise & disappear while others are steady & recurring
~ Try to allow sounds to move like clouds floating through the sky
~ If you get distracted, notice and then listen again
~ Just listen. Rest and listen.

This practice helps us become more skilful at sitting calmly through all sorts of daily distractions.

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