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Thursday, 11 October 2012

A Little Meditation Tip

When we spend too much time ‘in our head’ we tend to feel a sense of disconnection with the world around us and our body.

Studies have shown that being barefoot on the grass can trigger a fall in blood pressure and heart rate .. and provide us with a deeper sense of being ‘grounded’.

Being outside and touching the ground with your feet ignites all your senses .. so today your tasks is to find a patch of green grass ~ remove your shoes and stand barefoot on Mother Earth.

~ Find a patch of green grass and remove your shoes
~ Take a moment to notice the broad sky above you
~ Close your eyes and feel the breeze on your face and skin
~ Smell and listen to the day around you
~ Bring your awareness to your feet .. deeply connected to the earth and grass
~ Imagine roots extending through your body into the earth below you
~ Notice how the grass feels .. ticklish, coarse, wet, soft, squishy
~ Wiggle and swish your feet around .. be delighted
~ Breathe in some fresh air .. smile and enjoy this blissful moment of just being part of the greater natural world 

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