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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wednesdays Meditation Tip

“this breath is the one that counts”
(Sufi saying)

When stressed our breath is compromised and can feel restricted and tight. This exercise is a wonderful ‘circuit-breaker’ to reset the rhythm of the breath into a more relaxed and even flow.

~Begin by taking your seat and finding a point of comfort. Close your eyes if you wish and take a few moments to adjust your awareness to the sounds around you and the feeling of your body resting deeply into the chair.
~When ready, take just 1/3 of a normal breath (imagine breathing into the lower third of your lungs) .. and pause a moment
~Then .. take another 1/3 of a breath (imagine breathing into the middle of your lungs) .. and pause a moment
~Finally .. take another 1/3 of a breath (imaging filling your lungs, a gentle expansion of the whole lungs) .. and pause a moment
~And when ready to exhale .. allow the breath to ‘fall out of the body’ .. a whoosh of breath that you can audibly hear ... ahhhhhh •

You can repeat this practice a couple of times, however, if you feel light headed at all stop and allow your breath to fall back into a more natural pattern.

When finished simply enjoy a few moments sitting quietly before returning your awareness to the room and your task ahead.

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