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Friday, 12 October 2012

A Meditation Coach

I have found there is a very special 'magic' that happens when I share meditation with someone .. one-on-one.  Meeting somewhere 'where they are' and exploring the wonders of meditation together.

Private classes are ideal for those who find it impossible to get to a group class, or perhaps prefer to just do their own 'thing' .. sometimes people work strange hours or find evening group classes clash with family responsibilities.   Sometimes people are just seeking some guidance around a particular meditation challenge or have out-grown their previous meditation instruction.

Meeting one-one-one allows us to meet on your ground, within your daily life, and together look at meditation techniques and exercises that might best meet your unique lifestyle (and learning style) .. and sessions can be tailored to meet specific needs, timeframe or individual challenges.

Kind of like having a Meditation Coach .. it’s wonderfully organic, it grows with you when you are ready to leap to the next stage, and supports you when you need support.

I have made many new friend through private instruction .. and the 'magic' happens for me when I find a synergy of peacefulness and silence blossoming in our practice together .. and I love hearing how the benefits of meditation start to infiltrated another persons life (like I know it has mine).

If you would like to discuss having a private meditation coaching session contact me at: sarah@quietmind.com.au  : Private meditation coaching is conducted at our Black Rock clinic.

(Photo : Thought by Sarah Abbott)

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