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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Brrrrr its cold outside

I woke this morning .. it was cold! I imagined I could see my morning breath on the air .. it seemed that cold outside of the covers. I could feel my resolve to get up and meditate starting to evaporate into the dream world of sleep and the deep warmth of bed.

When Sarah McLean (Sedona Meditation Training Company) was in Melbourne recently she commented to me (and I'm sure this is not a secret) ... that she sat up in bed each morning for her meditation practice, supporting her back against the back rest! that sounded the perfect antidote to my cold morning reluctance ..

So I grabbed my lovely warm shawl and drew the doona around me .. and meditated!

It was so warm and dark and quiet .. and I remained toasty and warm .. the perfect antidote for a cold morning ..

Often the slightest hurdle will stop us from our meditation practice. We learn pretty quickly in meditation how easily we move to avoid any kind of discomfort or unappealing situation in life. And yet there really are no 'rules' to when and how we should meditate. In order to really settle body and mind we just need to find a point of comfort and ease, because when we fidget and wriggle around we only disturb the mind and our meditation ..

So .. consider taking the road of comfort in your meditation practice .. rest easy and give yourself the best possible opportunity to establish a regular meditation practice .. cold or no cold!

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