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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Sarah McLean, Sedona Meditation Training Company

A wonderful and inspiring evening with Sarah McLean at The Langham Hotel on Tuesday night .. so great to catch up with the extended meditation 'tribe' for this unique event, and to meet finally meet Sarah (some three years after we found each other online!).

Sarah is the Founder of the Sedona Meditation Training Company and a couple of months ago she let me know she was coming to Australia. This was her first trip here and when she expressed an interest in sharing her passion for meditation and holding a group meditation .. well that was an opportunity just too perfect. Thank you Melbourne meditators for join us in what was a brilliant turn out and truly inspiring gathering!

Sarah has a beautiful genuine openness and her passion for meditation sparkles in her eyes and words. She shared with us her experience living in a Zen buddhist community, her interest in Ayurveda and her time with Deepak Chopra .. and her 20-year daily meditation practice. Then as we settled into a quieter spaciousness, Sarah led us gently through a couple of meditations .. exploring our inner wisdom with a silence practice to unlock that quiet intuitive voice within by asking ourselves 'Who am I? What is my heart's desire? What is my purpose in life?' .. and moving into her foundation Everyday Meditation technique that includes breath awareness and silent mantra. The stillness and peacefulness that enveloped the room was .. heavenly!

You can listen or download some of Sarah's soothing guided meditations here and I recommend signing up for her beautifully written newsletter Inward Bound. Sarah is planning another trip to our shores, with a book in the pipeline and possibly some more group meditations .. stay tuned!

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