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Friday, 8 April 2011

Meditation Improves Meetings

Ten minutes of meditation before a meeting could significantly improve its outcome, according to research by the Kyoto Convention Bureau.

A group of 20 did five separate exercises – including memory, language, comprehension and listening tests – on two separate occasions, 12 days apart. Before the first session there was no preparation, but before the second participants each did a 10-minute meditation exercise. The study found that after the second session delegates showed an average improvement of 12.5% in completing the tasks.

The largest individual improvement across all the tasks was 21%, while the smallest individual improvement was 2%. Reverend Matsuyama, a Zen Buddhist priest, who conducted the meditation session, said: “It is a simple principle; if your tea cup is already filled, there is no point in pouring more tea in it".

“People who come to attend seminars and meetings are often under pressure and tired either because of long journeys or work based stress. If they are to take on-board new information they must first make room for it.” Full article here .. from ABTN (Air & Business Travel News)

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