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Monday, 4 October 2010

Workshop Showbags!

Meditation Showbags!!!

What fun it was preparing our showbags for the Spring Awakening Workshop. We were so honored that all our friends wanted to support our celebration of Spring providing us with special goodies and samples .. who doesn't love unpacking a bag full of gifts?

We have some showbags left over from the day and we are going to share them with participants at our Chill Before Christmas Meditation class on Tue 14th December at the beautiful Parkdale Yacht Club (7.30-8.30pm only $25).

I must give a HUGE THANK YOU to all my lovely friends and favourite people who provided the gorgeous goodies ...

* Healed .. the most amazing products for your feet .. luscious and nourishing balms to protect & soothe dry, damaged and stressed skin. To help our feet out of their winter hibernation the Sole Food Foot Balm and Skin Protect Anti Chafing Balm. All natural, beautifully packaged and created by the wonder podiatrist Anna .. check out Healed at www.healedonline.com

* New World Music .. I have a selection of favourite music that I incorporate into my day and into my workshops and a lot of it is sourced from New World Music! Check out many samples online .. music for relaxation and stress-relief, compilations for 'soothing the spirit, relaxing the body and stilling the mind', and specially compiled meditation and instructional CDs for healing therapy and wellbeing. World Music share with us all the CD sampler 'Bliss' for our showbags and we highly recommend you take a look at www.newworldmusic.com

* Carman's Fine Foods sent us a huge range of Muesli Bars .. an all Australian product 'from the kitchen, not the chemist' .. totally yummy and highly addictive (I know because I had one each day this week). There is a huge range of products you can probably find at your local supermarket and also on line .. all natural, wheat free and no preservatives. Find out more at www.carmansfinefoods.com.au and take a visit to Carman's kitchen online where you can meet Carman and find some delicious recipes.

* Chakra .. our lovely friends at Chakra in Hampton Street (also Acland St, St Kilda) provided some of their gorgeous and colourful cards which have a Calendar on the back (so useful in the wallet) and sweet little paper prayer flags with Tibetan mantras 'to facilitate peace and harmony in your life'. I am a regular visitor to Chakra where I find my meditation bracelets for class .. then there are the crystal lamps, clothing, meditation shawls .. jewelry.

* Deanne Brennan .. the constantly inspiring Health and Wellbeing Coach provided us all with an Introduction to Goal Setting workbook designed to help us renew our intentions to health and wellbeing, and setting up our health goals for Spring. Good luck Dee in the marathon! If you need support in achieving your life goals, someone to listen and coach you to success .. then visit Deanne at www.deannebrennan.com

* T2 were a delight to visit in their gorgeous new store at Southland Shopping Centre. I selected a range of tea's for our workshop but also grabbed some of their best ever tea blends "Sleep Tight" to pop into the showbags. A very popular lemonbalm-based tisane that helps to promote restful sleep (and who doesnt need that!) T2 gave us a lovely brochure with menu and recipes and how to make the best ever cup of tea. You can find T2 at www.T2tea.com or visit one of their many Australian stores.

We also had some gorgeous frangipani soap, Living Now and The Alternative Voice magazines and soy candles included .. and from our growing Quiet Mind Meditation store .. I popped in some of our sublime Eye Pillows (handmade, silk fabric, organic lavender), some of our favourite incense from Ganesh Incense and a sample of our new Meditation Cards. So much fun making showbags to share .. more soon!

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