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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Spring Sunlight Meditation

This is taken from a recent Monday Meditation Musing (11th Sept.) and is perfect for this Spring weather we are finally experiencing!

Our modern world controls so much of our environment, with constant air conditioning and central heating, that it is very easy to disconnect with the natural cycles of the earth and lose our appreciation for the inner changes that unfold with each of the seasons.

Instead of practicing our meditation in our 'usual' space .. Spring is the ideal time to move your meditation seat outside .. so that you can broaden and engage your sense with the unique colors and smells of nature. Research shows that people who appreciate nature are generally happier and calmer, and that light is recognized as essential for the regulation of our internal clock which then controls our hormone production, sleep and energy levels. Sunlight, fresh air and greenery nourish our body and soul. Taking our meditation outside allows us to feel the subtle change of season, nourish our senses and restore our connection with the web of life.


* Start by settling into a comfortable posture with the body facing the sun. This is best done earlier in the day with the rising sun or later in the afternoon, being aware of the great potency of the sun in Australia and avoiding the 11-3pm hot sun.
* Place your hands on your knees with the palms facing up, the thumb and index finger of each hand gently touching forming a little circle.
* Spend a few moments appreciating your surroundings .. the fall of the sunlight on the grass, the wind in the trees, the awakening birds and the new growth around you.
* When ready close your eyes and simply become aware of the touch of the sun and breeze on the body.
* Imagine opening yourself up to the sun's energy all around you.
* As you breathe in, think of your body soaking up the light, energizing and nourishing the body. As you breathe out, allow the body and mind to let go of all that is unnecessary, worn or tired. Breathe out any tension, holding or stale air from the lungs.
* Breathe in the sun's energy through all the pores of your skin.
* Breathe in the sun through your arms, your legs, your face and your chest.
* Breathe in the sun through your forehead and your fingertips.
* Feel the sun soaking in through the soles of your feel and the palms of your hands.
* Breathe in the life giving energy of the sun and the fresh life of the world around you.
* Rest with our eyes closed and the gentle sun on your face.
* Pay attention to the experience and sensations that arise from sitting in nature.
* Notice the soft breeze on your skin, the sounds of life around you, the fragrances in the air.
* Open to whatever comes to you without judgement or commentary.
* Allow the body to rest deeply and the mind to clear.
* Keep connecting with the breath moving and the energy flowing through your body.
When you have finished your meditation take some time to linger a little longer with your eyes open. Investigate the world around you. Find something that touches your curiosity and delight. Engage your senses. What touches your eyes, your ears, your nose? What touches your sense of wonder?

Ten minutes every day just sitting quietly in nature to experience silence and sunshine on the skin. Nature teaches us simplicity and rhythm. As our senses are naturally more awake in the outdoors we often find our meditation to be more grounded and that our mind rests a little easier into stillness.

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