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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Monday Meditation Musing : 20th Sept 2010

This weeks Monday Meditation Musing (20th Sept.) was about the beauty that can be found in Slow Movement Meditation. Mindfulness is the practice of being acutely aware of the present moment .. keeping the mind fully absorbed in whatever task we are performing (be it walking along the beach, washing the dishes or taking a shower). When we are fully involved in the moment, even the most mundane task can focus our mind which helps us feel calm and centered.

Mindfulness is a skill you can learn and master .. you simply pay attention! In this Slow Movement Meditation we pay close and enthusiastic attention to the body as it moves in a very slow and deliberate way.


* Begin by acknowledging your intention to cultivate mindfulness through this practice.
* Lie down on the floor or other firm surface (be sure to support your lower back if need be with a cushion)
* Allow your eyes to close.
* Spend a few minutes simply being aware of breathing and the body softening.
* Allow any holding or tension to evaporate with each exhalation.
* Invite the body to rest deeply, no need to insist or control, just breathe and let go.

* When ready .. start to slowly and gently begin moving your head from side to side, so that first the left ear, and then the right ear, turn to face the floor.
* Allow all movement to be soft and fluid, no pushing or forcing, but allowing .. as if the ear seeks to listen deeply to the ground beneath you but doesn't wish to startle earths whispers.
* Draw your awareness into the micro sensations of each movement, the stretching, the feeling of the air on the skin, the weight of the head, hair moving or changes in pressure.
* And if you find yourself distracted by a thought, simply recognise that this has occurred, and when you are ready guide your awareness back to the breath .. and then to the movement at hand.
* Allow your face and jaw to relax.
* Remain connected to the movement and the gentle rhythm of the head floating .. the ears .. the face .. relaxing deeply into this awareness in unison with the breath.

* When the time feels right start to slow the movement of the head .. like a metronome coming very slowly to rest, until the head feels it has found a point of balance.
* Keep inviting the body to soften and release into the floor .. with each exhalation softening deeper and deeper.

* When ready start to slowly invite your arms to float up from the floor.
* Like a marionette with strings attached to the wrists .. the arms floating softly towards the ceiling.
* Our awareness anchored to each movement.
* Aware of molecules of air flowing across the arms as they move through space.
* The wrist and fingers trailing.
* Then allow the arms to hover in space .. weightless and floating.
* And then just as slowly allow the arms to float down to the floor, and rest beside the body.
* Take a few long luscious moments to allow the arms to settle back to the floor.
* Enjoy the breath and the moment.
* And slowly return to your day when you feel ready.

Staying connected to movement and the sensations that unfold within the body (and mind) through movement is a mindfulness practice. The magic is that you can take this practice with you wherever you are!

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