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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Bear Grip for Anger

From an old articleout of Om Magazine a yoga posture call the "Bear Grip" whish is said to help with anger issues .. "helps balance body and mind, help to eliminate anger and maintain a sense of inner calm". I thought this might be another useful addition to your toolbox for life :

* Sit with a straigh spine and begin to breath slowly in and out through your nose.
* Lift your right hand in front of your chest, with your elbow out to the side and your palm facing away from the body
* Bend the tips of your fingers.
* Lift the left hand with the elbow out to the side, bend the tips of the gingers and clasp your hands together.
* As you inhale - keep the fingers clasped and gently pull your arms away from each other creating resistance.
* As you exhale - keep the fingers clasped and stop pulling.
* Repeat 10 times, keeping the elbows lifted and the lower abdominal muscles engaged.

.. when I went in search of a suitable picture to put with this entry .. I found myself at Anmolmehta's site (which I visit often, and would recommend for the loads of information, free stuff, and easy to understand yoga and meditation instruction). Anmol lists the bear grip as a practice under Mudra. Such a small world (hmm .. again).

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