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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Goal Setting Evening

Last night .. a small group of excited participants entered a beautiful sanctum .. quietly leaving the busy street and outside world, we eagerly crept upstairs .. to a quiet and serene space .. Uspa Immersion (Bay St, Brighton) .. a beautiful new spa "inspired by the science of nature and the historical practices of anciet cultures .. through this fusion we strive to provide a sensory and physiological experience that brings about a positive change" ...
Deanne Brennan shared her energy, enthusiasm and life skills with a workshop on Goal Setting .. and we all soaked up the ambience, and the time to reflect and develop our Personal Goal Plan. Dee is so up-beat and clear on her message .. there was much sharing and laughter as we spoke of our own goals and hurdles along the path.
Dee also invited Lionel Watson along .. to share his passion for Tai Chi .. warming our bodies, moving our energy and freshening our mind .. and to close the evening I talked a little about meditation .. then we all closed our eyes and found a little inner peacefulness.
To achieve our goals we need to firstly ensure that we look after our body and mind .. many people honor their temple the body .. but we must also honor the temple our mind. With stress and anxiety being the second biggest drain on the Australian budget .. with 85% of all dis-ease and illness being associated with stress ... it really is time to take responsibility for our health and meditation is the one life skill that I believe everyone should learn.
Thanks Dee .. an inspiring night ..

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