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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Welcome Australian Yoga Journal!

I often refer to the importance of 'tribe' .. the community or group that empowers us, that we feel engaged with, that supports and nourishes us. Many years ago I found some of my 'tribe' when my sister introduced me to the best ever magazine (well my fav. magazine) Yoga Journal. Over the five or six years since that first introduction I have eagerly awaited the international delivery, like a friend who lives away, and as soon as possible I take myself somewhere quiet, curl up on the couch or bed, ready myself with a cup of tea .. and indulged myself in a couple of hours of true 'me-time' . I have of course kept (too?) many of these issues (& lent a few which never found their way back!) .. I often pick up an old copy to read again .. find missed articles .. and learn something afresh.

So I was totally thrilled recently to be wandering aimlessly in my local newsagents and to find an Australian edition of Yoga Journal!! I was so surprised .. since I hadnt heard a whisper of its arrival .. but oh what a fantastic surprise.

Similar in 'look' and style to its American big sister ( and I am sure our unique aussie flavour will evolve in time) .. and with a few of the regular writers on board (Sally Kempton, Jason Crandell) .. the Australian version is a fantastic addition to (what I think) is a really dull Australian magazine market. There is plenty to read in this first Premier edition - Dec/Jan 2010 - including 'breathe in, work out' on yogic breathing techniques, 'introduction to kundalini yoga', 'taking it outdoors' (with suggested outdoor yoga operators in main cities of Australia) and 'chasing the waves' which takes us on a 3-day surf and yoga retreat in Broulee (south coast of NSW). There is also the added bonus of now having a directory of local courses, retreats, websites, advertisers and profiles on hand so that we can all feel part of the Aussie YJ Tribe!

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