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Monday, 25 January 2010

Just Breathe : Classes

This week - Wed 27 - we shall start our two week 'Just Breathe' meditation class at The Sandringham Club. The space really lends itself to resting with the breath, as I look outside at the manicured tennis greens and the big old palm trees swaying in the breeze, inside is still but we can hear the breath of the wind about us.

All the great meditation traditions have a breathing technique or exercise designed to draw ones focus to an in-the-body awareness. The breath is a perfect starting point: it is always there (whether we are sitting, working or hanging out the washing), it is immediate, requires no props, and it brings us completely into the present moment. In meditation and in life, our breath is also an amazingly sensitive barometer for watching our reactions to life and events around us - internal and external.

Summer holidays are almost finished here in Australia, the kids are back to school next Monday. There is something quite calming about the return to regular routine .. so I feel that we are all about to take a big, fresh breath, as we begin again, a new year start.

JOIN US for our 'Just Breathe' series Jan 27 & Feb 3, 10-11.30am at Sandringham ($50 for two classes) by registering here JUST BREATHE

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