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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Inspired by .. Mama-Om

There is something greater and purer
Than what the mouth utters
Silence illuminates our souls
Whispers to our heart
and brings them together.
~ Kahlil Gilbran

Some days, in my cyber-wanders, I literally trip over little gems of wisdom .. hidden just beneath the surface of day to day life. Meandering along, dipping in and out, and then woops I trip .. and have to stop and think a moment. Contemplate. Be still. A converging of thought, a synchronistic occurrence .. and so I think I will start an 'Inspired by .. ' post .. for these magical moments.

Mama-Om spoke today of her Begin with Silence days .. having experienced a silent retreat (Vipassana tradition) she decided to bring 'home' the experience to her actually family home life. So the family now embraces some 'Begin with Silence' days .. an intention to try to start those days, and all the interactions and tasks of the day, with silence. More than just not talking .. this mindfulness practice allows us some spaciousness to just 'be' with others (and ourselves) and stop filling the house/mind with chatter and babble. When we do move in silence we can listen more deeply and openly to others .. and also 'hear' why perhaps we talk so much (and our motivation for talking so much).

I too like silence .. more and more as I grow older .. there is an centeredness in silence that I yearn for. I have spoken previously of those Golden Moments of Silence when 'more than just holding our tongue we listen for the softest, most subtle sound of all - the sound of the soul'. In meditation 'rather than straining to quiet the mind .. we can simply relax into the quiet that contains the mind' Silence and Listening.

Mama-Om's post has inspired me to speak with my bella ... she's reluctant (as a teenager can be to everything) .. but I shall start and see how we go with a Begin with Silence day tomorrow .. will you try too? .. tell me how it goes.

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