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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Just a few favourite e-newsletters

I recently let slip that I have this habit of signing up for way too many e-newsletters, feeds and email alerts (not to mention blogs and websites but that’s for another day!) … and I then find my inbox over flowing with interesting but hugely time consuming and never ending articles, news and information.

You know how we hear all the time about information OVERLOAD .. well that’s me ..

I'm not sure why I keep indulging this obsession .. maybe I'm afraid I’ll miss something? But the time has come to review and as part of my spring cleaning ritual I am now tossing, re-reading and reviewing what's what …

Here is my current list of “musthaves” .. e-Zines that I think are thought provoking, smart, innovative, inspiring and good for the soul! Maybe there is something here that will catch your interest (but be careful how many you sign up for!).


Melbourne Meditation Centre – Matthew Young is a very well known and much admired Melbourne based meditation teacher. He hosts regular classes around town, short and long workshops, teacher training programs, CD's and is one of the founders of Simply Silence. A really grounded and practical meditation newsletter.

Total Balance – Melbourne based, Kate James is the lady behind Total Balance Group a boutique personal, executive and career coaching organisation with offices in both Melbourne and Sydney. Kate also teachs meditation and is one of those people who exude great calm and clarity; her newsletters are heartfelt and always seem to hit the spot.

Wiseworld Calendar Melbourne celebrates the emergence of a new life-sustaining culture in and around Melbourne; they promote groups and events involved in making a positive difference from Personal Wellbeing, Community, Natural Environment and Global Values. Sign up to their newsletter and you will definitely know what is happening around Melbourne!


Sedona Meditation Centre – newsletter Inward Bound written by Sarah McLean based in Arizona (US). Sarah has served as the education director at the Chopra Centre for Wellbeing and was personally mentored by Dr. Deepak Chopra since 1990. A lovely writer her articles always inspire and open one’s thinking, covers stress management articles, exclusive Chopra Center discounts, and information on workshops, meditation intensive retreats, and self-awareness training. If I am ever in Arizona....

The selfcentered Tour : Newsletter The Vibe “the official newsletter for authenticity seekers”. In 2007, Max Simon, Chief Enlightenment Officer, started a new-school meditation movement with a mission to inspire one million people to learn meditation by 2010. I knew of Max from the Chopra Centre for Wellbeing (he is the son of David Simon author and co-founder of the center, his mother is an accredited Transcendental Meditation teacher). Max realized that ‘people of today wouldn't be open to learning meditation unless it was packaged differently’. Based in LA, innovative, fresh and fun Max's newsletters are open and personal very much reflects their quote ‘Engaging, experiential, and wildly entertaining’.


Wildmind Meditation Newsletter – a monthly newsletter exploring Buddhist meditation from the members of the Western Buddhist Order (an organization of committed Buddhist practitioners that is at the heart of the Friends of the Western Buddhist Order). Great website that provides free information on various Buddhist traditions (Theravadin, Mahayana, and Vajrayana), guided meditation CDs, online classes in meditation and other Buddhist practices and a support network called Open Circle. One of the parts I most enjoy is Meditation in the News which highlights the top five meditation stories from around the world.

Tricycle Magazine – The Buddhist Review : a magazine produced by the not-for-profit Tricycle Foundation dedicated to making available to everyone, Buddhist views, values, and practices. The first magazine was launched in 1991 and was intended to present Buddhist perspectives to a Western readership. A smart, very professional and easily digested world view approach to buddhist thought and meditation.


Relax Kids – One day Marneta will come to Australia and I have already registered my interest in attending her training course. A colourful, visually appealing, grounded, fun, creative and healthy site for finding information on helping kids relax. Newsletter always full of information and products to try/buy. There are many free references, exercises and information on the website. You can purchase books and CDs – and if in the UK you can attend teacher training classes. Loads of information the approach is to “encourage children to develop a healthy approach to being alone … a gentle and fun way of introducing children to the world of meditation and relaxation so helping them explore their imaginations and creative talents”

Yoga Journal – Definitely this has been my favourite and longest running magazine subscription. The online newsletters are also a creative feast of knowledge and information from around the yoga world. If you have the slightest interest in youga then this is a must have newsletter/magazine. But there is also a lot of joy in expanding your view and being a part of this ‘community’. Site is an ‘Online Retreat for Yoga Poses, Classes, Meditation, and Life – On and Off the Mat’. Great reference library (some 100+ poses), interesting links (music, vegetarian recipes, music), downloads of yoga practices and music playlists, and a new offering is the yoga blog community with some great podcasts and feeds.

Ascent Magazine : A Canadian non-profit publishing house 'of engaged spirituality and community building’. Very visually elegant and evocative, the presentation and content of the magazine reflects the spirit of deep inquiry “engaging a growing community of people who are connecting social change and their spiritual practice”.

Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society (CFM) was established in 1995 by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD. The Center is part of the acclaimed Stress Reduction Clinic founded in 1979 at the UMass Medical School. One of the leading research centers for mindfulness and stress reduction,teaching, annual scientific conferences, Corporate Programs, Mindfulness in Education and Mindful Leadership Programs. Jon Kabat-Zinn is regularly seen across the globe (including Australia in 2008) and is author of many books and scientific papers on the clinical applications of mindfulness practices.

Sure ... there are still a few more that I need to review but at least I have started.
These are totally my own favourites .. each with their own unique style and viewpoint

I love the way the internet brings us all together and allows us to share our thoughts, wisdom and experiences.

Let me know your thoughts!

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