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Friday, 7 November 2008

Finding a Meditation Retreat


Ever found yourself yearning for some real time away from the responsibilities and grind of the day to day? Time to explore your meditation practice .. or yoga practice .. or just some space and time to think and clarify and explore? Well seems you and I are not the only ones! A recent sequence of occurances (yes life does put things in front of you until you listen) and then a timely request from a student in one of my meditation classes came to the 'ahha' moment last week .. 'could I recommend a meditation retreat'?

I have done a few short retreats and am always eagerly seeking out new retreat experiences. I have a 'wish-to-do-list' and I keep my eyes and ears open. Unfortunately life is pretty frantic and while I am juggling so many balls at the moment I cannot justify taking off as often as I would like. But I have found that the search to find a good retreat is really difficult. There are probably lots of interesting retreat options out there but which one? where can I find out more? Is it for me?

So .. a new blog .. Retreat Beat is a new service for listing and reviewing Retreats .. you can read more at the blog www.retreatbeat.blogspot.com and I hope you will visit - and more importantly - if you have any suggestions, referrals or comments please do let me know. I hope to now attend more retreats over the coming year and report back on my experience and help others to find the right retreat for them..


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