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Monday, 15 June 2009

A meditation tree house

How superb ... how amazing!

The “Spherical Tree House” has found its way mysteriously into my inbox .. how sublime do these pictures look! .. I want one of these .. but of course I will need a wild forest in which to place my meditation tree house (for that is what I would use it for) .. and recently I have been dreaming and finding inspiring meditation spaces .. here is another great find!

Invented and Manufactured in Canada by Free Spirit Spheres .. the concept borrows from sailboat construction and rigging practices .. the wooden spheres are built much like a cedar strip canoe .. and the magical part is the suspension into the trees held there by a web of ropes! Fantastic for the environment the spherical shape becomes part of the life of the forest..

I love the wooden spheres (there are fibreglass and others) and they come beautifully decorated and fitted out, insulated and complete with varnished wood, cane and brass trim. They are wired, heated and plumbed.
Namaste to those passionate people with such vision and creativity ..

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  1. There is something so magical and inviting about tree houses. I absolutely adore them. x



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