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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Finding the time for peacefulness

The Autumn leaves outside on the pavement..

“I have so much to do today that I’m going to meditate for two hours instead of one” Gandhi

Yesterday was just one of those trying days .. I knew I had high expectations on what I could achieve .. but I had listed everything down and visualised ticking off each one with ease.

But of course life often has other priorities .. the day didn’t quite go as planned (including the petit car accident .. my first ever!). And this is why my meditation practice is such an important part of my day.

In my classes I so often hear how busy people are .. too busy to find even ten minutes for their meditation/ their health/ their sanity. We all tend to put off that which is most beneficial in our lives. We tell ourselves we should walk more, eat less or get some more sleep .. and in the second breathe we say, when it’s a little quieter, when I’ve finished this current work project, when life is not so busy.

But that’s the secret folks! It’s when life is totally full-on and we feel ourselves getting lost in the mass of ‘stuff’ that we really benefit from our meditation practice. And when a crisis occurs in life that reservoir of peacefulness is there for us to drawn on.

In regards to the petit car accident .. I found I could greet the situation with a calmness and serenity that probably gave the other driver the pips. But I took a moment to breathe, gave her a big smile and allowed her the time she needed to ‘vent’. We then calmly checked out both cars and realised (thankfully) that there wasn’t a scratch or hint of anything having been hurt. Except perhaps my proud driving record!

I meditate because it makes me feel better, calmer and clearer .. I find I react to things less and I think better. There is a sense of ‘space’ between my thoughts and actions so that I have time to see things properly and act more appropriately. I really do feel that I communicate and listen better, I believe I am a better parent. Life ‘flows’ more and I feel much more ‘in the flow’. Plus I carry around this amazing sense of joy.

This morning I spent a little more time in meditation .. maybe not two hours like Gandhi .. but a little more …


  1. I really love that quote you used! I might have to add that to my blog too!
    You're right when you talk about the essential nature of meditation. Isn't it interesting the mind games we play around it - that notion of 'not enough time'. I must admit I do that sometimes even though I know I am not so busy I can't fit in ten minutes! And of course we are so much more efficient and peaceful when we do.
    Sorry to hear about your little car accident but I'm glad there was no damage :)

  2. Hey Kerry thanks for your comment. Yes I love quotes and collect them in a little book I carry around in my bag just in case! quite magical how the quote, the day and the blog entry all came together after a moment of stillness. All the best.



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