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Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Biology of Belief ..

The Biology of Belief : Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles
by Bruce H. Lipton PhD

Is it possible for the mind to override genetic programming? How does belief about treatment affect the outcome? Can we change our bodies as we retrain our thinking?

Bruce Lipton presents a revolutionary overview of the link between mind (energy) and body (matter); and the view that our minds energy (our thoughts) directly influence how our physical brain controls our body’s physiology. I should make it perfectly clear that science is definitely not one of my strong subjects .. so I was surprised how clear I found Lipton’s book and his thinking. I managed to grasp the basics around the mechanisms by which cells receive and process information, and the interconnection between the energy of our thinking and beliefs.

Two new scientific fields are brought to our attention: Signal Transduction which focuses on the biochemical pathways by which cells respond to environmental cues, recognizing that the fate and behaviour of an organism is directly linked to its perception of the environment (our life is based upon how we perceive it); and Epigenetics the science of how environmental signals select, modify, and regulate gene activity (again emphasising that our perceptions of life shape our biology).

Lipton asks us to ponder the possibility that communication and cooperation between cells, the energy from internal and external environments, and our subconscious perceptions, all have a major influence on our health and that thought ‘energy’ can activate or inhibit cells functioning.

Since science will only believe that which can be proven (otherwise it seems to cease to exist) it is frustrating to think that we are limiting our potential to truly understand so much about life and health because we are tied to the quality and availability of research science’s tools and instruments. Miracle cures, blips in research or quirky medical anomalies are just dismissed by science and medicine today – Chapter 5 presents some amazing research around placebos and nocebos (I was particularly fascinated to read about nocebos which are new to me!).

We hear nowadays about terminal cancer patients recovering thru ‘spontaneous remission’ – but because remissions are outside the bounds of conventional medical theory – medicine simply disregards the fact that they even happened. More alarmingly it appears some drug companies have sought to eliminate patients who responded to placebos from their clinical trials disturbed that “fake’ drugs can be shown to be as effective as their engineered chemical cocktails”. Surely its common sense that we should be embracing the study of these anomalies because buried in these cases is just likely to be the most powerful answers and understanding of life and the nature of life.

I really enjoyed the book but have to say I was a little disappointed that just how we reprogram our subconscious mind was not as deftly covered. Lipton alludes to his own real life changes but doesn’t give us any further insight into how he managed this. A fascinating read, especially if this is a concept for you, but don’t expect a ‘how to’ guide. Meditation is surely one way for us to start, by being still and really 'seeing' our thought patterns, and our habitual reactions, we can at least begin to understand and change these deep subconscious beliefs.

“It is important for our health and well being to shift our mind’s energy towards positive, life-generating thoughts and eliminate ever-present, energy-draining, and debilitating negative thoughts’

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