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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Always new beginnings ...

I am back! I know it’s been a while since l delved into my lovely blog .. but it’s not for want of trying .. just life took off for a while in another direction .. and today I am almost free of those distractions .. and hence found some precious evening hours to ponder the whirlwind of life these past weeks.

I mentioned in a previous entry .. how life sometimes throws you a curve ball? .. well one day a few weeks back I found the me that was the ‘corporate~big office~big desk~multi tasking~suit’ was no longer. Instead a new image presented itself : 'newly~retrenched' .. that's quite a big turnaround .. a rather weighty bump in the road!

To be honest though .. it wasn’t too surprising .. the gec (global economic crisis) has crossed the path of many around me .. in my ‘old’ job in recruitment I was hearing the tale constantly from others .. now I had joined the club.

In a really funny, mixed up, but heartbump way however, I noted a naughty kind of excited in the change of the map. We all have dreams residing deep within us .. and often the normality of life sit atop those dreams so they continue to reside unheard. Unexpected bumps in the road of life can sometimes be the magic ‘bump’ that throws us in a new direction, maybe closer in geography to the dream?

From this point .. there is a lot to tell .. but it will take too long tonight . .which is after all a wee night of celebration! So for the story on what happened from retrenchment to now .. that will have to wait for an entry next week. For now .. I must share with you that tonight I am celebrating … first, I have toasted tonight the completion of eight weeks as “the student” .. one part of my new journey has been completing a Small Business Management course (which was brilliant, fun, inspiring and challenging), and secondly I am celebrating ….. My new logo ...
This has been a really exciting journey! I went to
99Designs to help me find a new logo (a worldwide design competition site .. check it out, highly recommended) and after a huge response and much inspiration and energy from graphic designers across the globe .. I have just awarded the prize to Try for this beautiful design which I simply couldn't get out of my mind from the moment I saw it .. To view some Try's folio you can go to http://99designs.com/users/305062 . Thank you Try very much.

More tomorrow … and much to share in upcoming entries. Thank you to all my friends, family and blog~mates who have asked me how things have been going .. and where have you been? .. I am so grateful for everyones support and encouragement.

A busy week ahead with lots of news and blogs to make happen. Next weekend is the
Meditate09 Conference and I can’t wait .. a whole weekend talking and listening and delving into all that is meditation. If you are not in Melbourne .. stay tuned as I will report back on all the amazing speakers, workshops hosts, people I meet and information I gather .. Stay safe and happy ..

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