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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Daily offering : Ganesa Incense

"Dawn breaks, gold and red colour the sky as the mist lifts from the valley floor. A conch sounds, a lamp is lit, the fragrant smell of incense drifts on the early morning air. Once again the universe is created, and an offering is made to the inner self of all. Ganesa incense is not just a nice fragrance, when it is lit an offering is made".

I love this incense so much that I have bought a whole basket full! .. I received a few months ago a gift from a girlfriend of this beautiful incense, wonderfully packaged in a water hyacinth container, it was 'Rainforest' .. "fresh and green uplifting and at the same time calming" .. and when I suddenly found that I had finished it all .. I just knew I had to get some more.

So today arrived my purchase of 40 containers to share with all my friends!

Keshars Special : A delicate uplifting oil to lighten the day.

Shiva : Northern Indian temple oil, Ideal for meditation.

Kathmandu : Promotes inner contemplation and peace.

Nag Champa : a classic meditation blend, inducing peace and clarity, stillness and unity. Combining 172 different oils.

Tibet : sacred incense, particularly expensive and exotic oils promoting deep meditation.

Frangipani : Soft as a ray of morning sunlight, a romantic oil, from the Islands.

Made in Noosa Australia if you would like to purchase some email me at quietmind@dodo.com.au and I will arrange to send to you. Each beautiful container holds 20 incense sticks and is $10 plus postage. Wonderful gifts to self or those you love!

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